" Power without love is reckless and abusive

and love without power is sentimental and anaemic…"

Martin Luther King

Peace, Power, Love and Wildness

Retreat Dates: May 15th to 20th, September 18th to 23rd

A journey about living 21st Century lives – May to October 2018

Peace, Power, Love & Wildness is a 6 month programme to help us to be the best version of ourselves for the 21st century. It is about finding new ways to navigate a world that is increasingly complex, uncertain and polarised. The journey combines retreats to extraordinary places, guided practice in between retreats, 1:1 coaching and online seminars with special guests, as well a project to develop in your own life. The result will be connection, integrity, resilience and the confidence to live and work in more purposeful ways. It will be hosted by two dedicated wilderness guides, Andres Roberts and Natasha Lythgoe, along with special guests, and always nature.

The Journey

How do we move towards the things we want?

How do we change things, and how do we navigate change ourselves?

How do we always stay true to ourselves?

What are the best ways of being in relationship?

How do we fit with the rest of society and life?

How shall we live?

Peace, power, love and wildness are central forces in the world, but they have fallen out of relationship with each other. Power has become oppressive, love is too often tokenistic. And while we have become domesticated from the wild, real peace – inner and outer – remains a dream. What would our lives look like if we found a better balance across these things? What might we bring of these qualities to the world?

Full Price £2200. Early Bird discount - before 31st January £1800. Bursaries £1200.

Two bursary places are available for this programme. To apply, please email us at info@wayofnature.co.uk with a short description of who you are and why you would like to come and be part of the journey.


The Plan

Spring 2018: A Retreat About Space and Letting Go

In May we will set off for a week retreat to one of the most beautiful and expansive places in the UK. From a world engrossed with speed, constantly ‘on show’ and always busy, we’ll return to the lost arts of making space, letting go, listening deeply and finding balance.

We will spend the days working with the magnetic tensions of Power and love, peace and wildness. Each of these contains and relies on the other, whilst also having the capacity to suffocate the other, so we’ll work towards finding the right balance of them in ourselves, in order to live lives where these forces flow in more generative ways.

To support us, we will be guided by nature-based meditations, Qi Gong, bodywork, elemental mapping and mindfulness tools, wild excursions and fireside talks, building towards a time-honoured ‘solo’ in the wild.

At the heart of this retreat, the nature ‘solo’ will be a deep, personal excursion to the wild. This is a practice that many people have done before us, and a powerful way of tuning in to the wisdom and the different forces in all aspects of life.

During the week, we will also begin an enquiry – something to last the whole programme – about how to truly and deeply bring new ways of being to ourselves as well as the outer world.

We leave Scotland with a deepened sense of purpose, inquiry and wonder.

Summer 2018: Personal Practice and Project

Nothing in life changes like a switch, and a personal practice throughout the summer will be shaped by the questions that have been crafted in the first retreat and taken back into everyday life.

Your process will be supported by continued practice – tools and techniques that we will recommend to help thread this into everyday life. Additionally we will host seminars with special guests, offer 1 on 1 mentoring and encourage you to work in small groups for added support. Special guests will offer insights and perspectives on some of the big themes in life today: knowledge, shadow, relationship, and death and truth.

We will also deepen our inquiries by working with ideas drawn from Action Research tools that see life itself as a playground for learning.

Early Autumn 2018: Tempering the Sword Retreat

Our final gathering will take place in Asturias in northern Spain, one of the wildest and most spectacular regions in Europe.

After 4 months of daily and weekly practice, we will spend the time to revisit learning and themes of the programme, to listen and explore how we are experiencing transitions in life, and to ‘temper the sword’ – hone our own inquiries and experiments into peace, power, love and wildness.

By this point we will have made new choices, or started new experiments, or created new conditions within ourselves and life around us. Here we will explore why and how new things are happening, and work to sustain new patterns and new habits.

At this second retreat we will once again return to the wild – to be alone for a second ‘solo’, once again to draw stillness and insight from nature.

We will be a real tribe by this point, so during this week we will live and practice as a community, helping each other’s questions. In this way we hope new rhythms of Peace, Power, Love and Wildness feel richer and more alive in all our lives.

Early winter 2018: Closing Circle

Towards the end of the year, a group call will be a chance to connect again, share stories from back “real life,” stoke the fire and keep the programme alive.

Spring 2019: Optional Returning Retreat

We believe this programme is valuable and very much needed in our times, so early in 2019, there is the possibility of a 3rd retreat to reconvene and continue working together, with new themes to build on through 2019.

Why the Wild

Carl Jung once said, ‘I’d rather be whole than good.’ We agree. However to be fully whole we must integrate all that drives us unconsciously, disperses our energies and limits our self-views. And we must reclaim all that we have abandoned and turned our backs on.

We cannot think of a better guide for navigating this terrain than nature herself. In the mysterious and measureless depths of the wilderness, we have the opportunity to open to something we call “The Big Listen”: listening to what has purchase on our hearts and the stories that live underneath the work we do in the world.

Sometimes when we talk about nature as being something ‘out there’, we forget that we, too, are forces of nature, and it’s as important to be playful as it is to give voice to the parts of ourselves that long for depth and meaning.


Space and Letting Go Retreat: May 15th to 20th, 2018.

Tempering the Sword Retreat: September 18th to 23rd, 2018.

Many thanks to Zhang Huan, Simen Johan and Simona Kossak for the use of their images.


Andres is a guide, facilitator, and advisor dedicated to new kinds of progress, fit for a positive future for all. His work combines renewed ideas about leadership and change, reconnection to Nature, and the wisdom of ancient cultures to help more positive and more systemic change happen.

Andres has gone deep into his own journey reconnecting with Nature and traditional wisdom. Bringing 15 years of experience in learning and change, he has studied with amazing teachers and elders from across the world, making these lessons more accessible for the modern world.

Andres is co-founder of Way of Nature UK and founding partner of The Bio-Leadership Project, a project that helps people address 21st Century challenges by working more closely in partnership with Nature.


Natasha Lythgoe is a professionally trained teacher, a Post Graduate Fine Artist and a Mindfulness teacher. She has taught in prisons, the NHS and has co-led many retreats. Natasha has been guiding groups and individuals in arts/mindfulness since 2004, and in the great outdoors since 2013.

She has a passion for workshops that explore deepening relationships and authenticity – with our selves and each other in response to the landscape: transforming our understanding of community and the places where we live (sometimes resulting in radically shifting how we choose to walk through this world, whether that is to live and work quietly in small arenas or very publicly on grand stages). She loves to do this outdoors through experiencing play, engaging the deep imagination, mindfulness and embodiment practices.

Underpinning this diversity is a strong thread influenced by a care for deep ecology, community and a desire to live a meaningful and connected life.

  • "Re-wilding the Artist's Way" has been fundamentally the most soul nourishing thing I have ever done for myself. It has led me on a journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation and courage. I long for being in the wilderness like never before, and notice the peace and feeling of being alive that it brings me. Natasha is patient, encouraging and very human in the way she leads this course and I am forever grateful to her.
  • It's great to have quality teaching which is accessible and close to home. Natasha is obviously a gifted facilitator. She ran the session creatively with a varied tempo which held my attention and seemed to draw from a wide range of teachings. In just a few hours, I feel re-inspired with my own practice and wanting more of this kind of thing.
  • Thank you for a wonderful evening. The part with the trees in the darkness was amazing! It which gave me a much needed nature boost, and a new relationship - with tree. Natasha was knowledgeable, but also relaxed, caring and playful. She held the space and the group with a good mix of strength and flexibility. I have learnt to appreciate Stanmer Park (my local wild space) in a new and deeper way. The feeling and new awareness from this event will stay with me. Thank you
  • Natasha's incredible skills in transformative learning, using a gentle-and-yet-strong approach are so rare, I feel very lucky to have experienced this.
  • It's completely different to anything I have ever done - and I can't believe it. Nature, I feel is an integral place to creativity and with so much busyness around and everywhere, it is amazing and vital to restore myself through being out and exploring creativity outdoors in the wild.
  • There's a peace and openness that you get from studying outdoors that I haven't experienced before. Thanks Natasha
  • I know that participating in this course is me being in exactly the right place at the right time
  • Natasha is amazing at what she does. She manages to combine fun with all kinds of ways of seeing into you and getting you to keep your feet on the ground, your head in the clouds, and follow your dreams.
  • Thanks for this evening. Even though it was freezing cold, it was a magical evening.
  • Natasha brings a light touch and embodied wisdom to the serious work of transformation.
  • Thanks for EVERYTHING. You've been a truly inspiring, loving, and supportive mentor.  Don't ever stop doing what you do so well.
  • Natasha is an absolute mistress of holding space. She holds space really really well. She’s very intuitive in the sense of not having a rigid structure for what we are going to do but just feels what everybody needs in the groups session and comes up with the most perfect exercises just when they are needed.
  • Natasha's course is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with our creative selves and our natural surroundings at the same time.  Being outside gave the space, for self-expansion needed, to be able to reconnect with my creativity.