Wilderness Mentoring 1:1

“ Natasha equipped me with the tools to make discoveries about myself, helping me to make the changes I needed. She has had a profound impact on my life."
T.G. - Photographer, Cornwall
"After my first mentoring session with Natasha I already felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and enthusiasm flood back into life. Natasha used therapeutic exercises and mindful approaches from her vast tool box of professional and personal experience and combined them with active listening, connection with internal and external natures and a kind curious heart. I felt challenged and nurtured in equal measure and able to sit with grief in a way I haven't be able to before."
M.P. - Health Care Professional, Brighton
“ Natasha has a gentle yet powerful way of working with a person. She has helped me to bring acceptance, love and a focus to my path and thoughts. ”
N.T. - Mental health pharmacist, Sussex
" She showed me how to acknowledge and turn towards the feelings of ‘the young one within me’ with warmth, encouragement and presence. Basically I learnt to be present to my neglected self. With Natasha’s guidance my most intimate relationships are flourishing.”
F.L. - Post Grad Student, Brighton

I coach my clients in person 1:1 amongst the natural surroundings of the leafy South Downs when I am visiting the UK, and also amongst the low mountain forests of Germany when clients come to visit my cabin. However this process is just as effective over the phone and via video calls so I can be available for you wherever you are based, nationally or internationally.

This work involves deep listening, listening to what has purchase on our hearts and the stories that live underneath whatever work we do in the world. I have been fortunate enough to listen to hundreds of stories through my work. Most stories share the motif of wanting to fully embrace life and understand what that means.



I began my life in the leafy suburbs of London. From a young age I was naturally responsive to animals. My earliest memory of this kind is of speaking sweetly to, whilst gently moving, apple by apple an orchard full of feasting wasps, to the compost heap. So one of the touchstones of my life is being in deep receptive listening and connection.

When we attend to ourselves, and each other, with an open and sympathetic quality of presence we encounter soul. I was lucky enough to learn this at a relatively young age, and bold enough to buck the family trend by becoming a Buddhist nun. This involved my working in prisons teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, where my capacity to hold space for the authentic self to come into relationship, grew exponentially.

When we open to the more complex nature of our beings and experience our multifarious nature we gain sympathy, a profound connection for others and a sense of belonging. These elements are germane for soul-making and this is something that I’ve carried through into my coaching and mentoring work.

Working with people in the wild, facilitating programmes and on retreat involves deep listening, listening to what has purchase on our hearts and the stories that live underneath whatever work we do in the world. I have been fortunate enough to listen to hundreds of stories through my work. Most stories share the motif of wanting to fully embrace life and understand what that means. Following these threads often feels like a collaboration with my clients. We become involved in a kind of tracking - a tracking of their unique song lines.

Oftentimes this process entails coming into deeper relationship with our bodies. They hold our histories and by paying kind attention to our bodies we enter into a more intimate relationship with ourselves, the more unconscious aspects of our psyches - our inner landscapes.

This is where the riches of our lives, the pearls of our being are to be found. I’ve learnt to love the image of the pearl. For me, this image that a jewel can begin as an irritant is part of the pearl’s wisdom and fascination.



My training at the West Country School of Myth and with River of Soul confirmed to me the natural weave between dream, story, land, body and ritual. Through opening to these elements, with a keen awareness of the liminal spaces between the mundane and the archetypal, we can create contexts by which we bring ourselves fully to life and practice the art of soul making.

Other major training and influences in my work and life include ongoing training with the Centre of Applied Jungian Studies and wilderness instruction with Animas Valley Institute, in particular with Bill Plotkin and Annie Bloom. My personal interest in embodiment practices has included training with Paul Linden, TRE techniques and focusing whilst my current focus examines trauma recovery and the psychosomatic body. I am an accredited teacher and since 2009 have delivered bespoke courses in Mindfulness and MBSR for a wide range of contexts including staff in the NHS and within the HM prison Service. I lead and attend regular workshops and retreats and I follow the UK network of Mindfulness-Based Teachers, “Good practice Guidance for Teaching.

Whilst my preference is to work in person and outdoors I am more than happy to meet inside and I find Skype sessions to be just as effective for those who are not local to me.

  • "Re-wilding the Artist's Way" has been fundamentally the most soul nourishing thing I have ever done for myself. It has led me on a journey of self-discovery, self-appreciation and courage. I long for being in the wilderness like never before, and notice the peace and feeling of being alive that it brings me. Natasha is patient, encouraging and very human in the way she leads this course and I am forever grateful to her.
  • It's great to have quality teaching which is accessible and close to home. Natasha is obviously a gifted facilitator. She ran the session creatively with a varied tempo which held my attention and seemed to draw from a wide range of teachings. In just a few hours, I feel re-inspired with my own practice and wanting more of this kind of thing.
  • Thank you for a wonderful evening. The part with the trees in the darkness was amazing! It which gave me a much needed nature boost, and a new relationship - with tree. Natasha was knowledgeable, but also relaxed, caring and playful. She held the space and the group with a good mix of strength and flexibility. I have learnt to appreciate Stanmer Park (my local wild space) in a new and deeper way. The feeling and new awareness from this event will stay with me. Thank you
  • Natasha's incredible skills in transformative learning, using a gentle-and-yet-strong approach are so rare, I feel very lucky to have experienced this.
  • It's completely different to anything I have ever done - and I can't believe it. Nature, I feel is an integral place to creativity and with so much busyness around and everywhere, it is amazing and vital to restore myself through being out and exploring creativity outdoors in the wild.
  • There's a peace and openness that you get from studying outdoors that I haven't experienced before. Thanks Natasha
  • I know that participating in this course is me being in exactly the right place at the right time
  • Natasha is amazing at what she does. She manages to combine fun with all kinds of ways of seeing into you and getting you to keep your feet on the ground, your head in the clouds, and follow your dreams.
  • Thanks for this evening. Even though it was freezing cold, it was a magical evening.
  • Natasha brings a light touch and embodied wisdom to the serious work of transformation.
  • Thanks for EVERYTHING. You've been a truly inspiring, loving, and supportive mentor.  Don't ever stop doing what you do so well.
  • Natasha is an absolute mistress of holding space. She holds space really really well. She’s very intuitive in the sense of not having a rigid structure for what we are going to do but just feels what everybody needs in the groups session and comes up with the most perfect exercises just when they are needed.
  • Natasha's course is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with our creative selves and our natural surroundings at the same time.  Being outside gave the space, for self-expansion needed, to be able to reconnect with my creativity.